Our Team




Our Team

David Wells, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

As Enterprise Solutions Group’s Chief Executive Officer, David is responsible for ESG’s day-to-day operations as well as leading the company’s technology strategy. David co-founded ESG with Keith Nichols in 2002.

David has spent 30+ years in a technical leadership position and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Phoenix in addition to graduating from the USN Data Systems School. He has also held positions as corporate sales manager, systems engineer and technical consultant.

David is married and has three children. His hobbies include basketball, golf and hiking.

Keith Nichols, President and Co-Founder

Keith Nichols is President of Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG). He has been an IT Consultant and Architect for over 20 years and specializes in designing, implementing and troubleshooting networks and network infrastructure. His current focus is on Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Virtualization and High Availability Solutions.

Keith earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M and has worked with such local organizations as the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Premera, Philips Medical, PolyClinic, Pediatric Associates, Pacific Medical Centers, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, the University of Washington, and Path.

When he is not working, you’ll find Keith mountaineering, bicycling, or practicing Kung Fu and spending time with his family.

Rob Patterson, Senior Architect

Rob Patterson has held the position as Senior Architect at ESG since 2010.

Rob has been working in the IT industry, particularly around Citrix and MS solutions, for over 20 years. Rob is strong in problem solving and issue resolution. He likes to take large, complex projects and follow them through to completion. The more challenging the project, the more he enjoys it. He has been a high-level consultant with several nation-wide firms and has worked with clients of all sizes in the planning, design and implementation of complex projects. He is passionate about his work and taking care of clients.

When not working, Rob is usually spending time with his family, fishing or geo caching. He loves the outdoors and loves the Pacific NW.

Andrew Dahlgaard, Senior Architect

Andrew Dahlgaard has worked as Senior Architect for ESG since 2012.

Andrew has 20+ years experience designing, deploying and troubleshooting a breadth of complex computer, network, and cloud systems. He has exemplary leadership and communication capabilities, with a background of holding enterprise-admin rights and supervising/mentoring multi-disciplinary technical teams.

Andrew has broad-based knowledge and has had success in a variety of enterprise-level network environments, utilizing a diversity of server technologies. He has had administrator, engineer and architecture experience with VMware for more than 10 years starting with ESX 2.5. Andrew has architected a resalable $3M VMware/Hitatchi Cloud appliance. In addition, he has extensive background designing, building and upgrading Windows/Linux-based OS and server-network-cloud infrastructures.

One of Andrew’s strengths is his excellent technical support and customer service skills, as he is able to articulate complex technical concepts to audiences ranging from knowledgeable to inexperienced.

Andrew is a fan of the outdoors and has four active sons.

Chrystal Gonzalez, Client Services Manager

Chrystal Gonzalez is ESG’s Client Services Manager. Chrystal joined ESG in 2011, bringing years of customer service and team management skills.

As client services manager for ESG, Chrystal helps smaller companies manage their IT needs, and assists the team with inside sales for larger companies. In addition, she is a Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP).

Chrystal has two little girls, one daughter and one dog, with whom she spends all of her free time. They enjoy being outdoors, exploring new parks, and visiting with friends and family.